I told my daughter that we would go to Castitle since I used to possess loans and they are friendly

I told my daughter that we would go to Castitle since I used to possess loans and they are friendly

I have been in contact with the Lease it application for two weeks and every time I discover something, after they have a lease arrangement sent to me to be signed then its a issue, I emailed them 6 days about an Xbox it woulnt be here on time then they didnt have any longer then it was someone will telephone you on saturday then that vendor doesnt have anymore in the cost. Afterward it had been we dont do used products, them I found that a trampoline and roku to be told after the rental agreement was sent to me that they’d reached their limit with walmart but I could get it at target for the $200 plus instead of the $140 I found it for annnnnd it wouldnt come until after christmas. I wont ever be dealing with this company

I named the country club and university Castitle. I was in a hurry. I had taken my granddaughter and needed just minutes to take care of the company I had with Castitle, before having to return and get her. She had an eye test appointment following her lesson and I had that money for her new glasses. I called beforehand and DEEANDRE was so helpful! He was professional, considerate ! I love his customer service regarding my situation! Good guy! Thank you DEEANDRE

The interest rates are large. I borrowed $500 and had I not been able to cover the $162. 08 short term attention, I would have been bound to pay $98. 00 per month for 18 weeks. That’s approximately $1200. 00 in long-term interest. 00 buck advance. These long term interest payments are designed to make it very tough for customers without losing the title and/or registration for their 25, to repay. We know that loans necessitates”attention” in America, nevertheless these very small loans should have excessive high and long-term payment plans attached. Legally, they are being enriched and/or the contracts are unconscionable.

He did what he would over the telephone and when I got there that he was ready to receive the remainder of my information I had to give him to finish the paperwork for my fruitful site loan

Friendly service! I went into a loan place near me who has a MVD website on location, and not one of those 5 people working there said that a word. Whenever we walked in, Ana said Hello. Someone would have spoken even if there had been a line. My daughter must see the difference. Ana recalled me. The loan process was simple and she’s always smiling and pleased to take care of customers. Ana replied my questions and showed me where the advice was on the deal. It was well worth my additional 8min drive.

But the interest rate stay the same no incentive is given by them to people who stay loyal to their business when carrying out loans

I provide cash one 2 stars because I have been taking loans out from them for at least a couple of years now. Whenever you have paid one off which is miserable Plus they don’t report it to the credit reporting agencies unless you missed out on financing, they do not report. But overall customer service is fine but a few things do need to modify if you have loyal customers that take out loans on a vacation foundation or have taken out loans and really paid them back.

Do not do it! Despite no interest – do not do it! They have no idea how to conduct business and the guy Luis’ mother did a horrible job! He can’t listen, is rude and is arguementative and feels that he could speak he wants. I plan on going above store manager – to the top. STAY AWAY FROM NEW STORE 352 ON MCDOWELL. THEY SUCK First do not receive mails they are sent by that you. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. TAKES TONS OF TIME EVERY OTHER DAY – AND GET TEXTS EVERY WEEK. PAIN DON’T DO IT. LUIS GOOD LUCK FINDING A RELATIONSHIP YOU Are Extremely UNHEALTHY

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