I think Swellnet should get to the net internet dating concert, type of similar Tinder

I think Swellnet should get to the net internet dating concert, type of similar Tinder

The things I would like from Swellnet is a few types of a bigger strategy, if you don’t getting bought by Surfline next to create a alternative network of close systems globally that individuals can connect with that will be much less terrible. You don’t have for an Australian Facebook, Twitter or Instagram since whole aim is to hook up beyond in which our company is. And surfers take a trip a lot more than more!

Provide it with in my experience Swellnet, my personal registration money tend to be waiting for something to rely on, not for articles (which I lack time to read/watch much of anyhow, even although you are the most useful) however in helping me personally will surf whether at home, Indo or anywhere else.

Need you to create a, option, independent social system, things akin to Facebook but forges into unexploited region, places the current social media marketing organizations like Twitter (worth $138 billion), Twitter ($4.4 billion), and Instagram ($100 billion) haven’t considered?

They could refer to it as ‘Swindler’, assisting surfers pick true love versus this mindless fixation with catching swells

Sorry companion, no may do. Definitely offer my empathy to your local shaper – I can just imagine the expectations heaped on the bad fella.

Yeah yeah i am aware, you aren’t gonna reveal the sugar baby Cardiff real rates. And yes, I’m sure you will find bills to run the SwellNet juggernaut. Heck you will need most panels n coffee, Craig demands a lot more surf n snow trips and Ben, well, beanies are expensive!

Hi SN, whenever you make Park Beach webcam in fact pan to playground seashore like it familiar with and not stuck on Macauleys I am going to subscribe, definitely you could pay a sparky or tech chap to do it?

Is it possible to improve Spit cam skillet from the south wall structure on the jetty just? Nobody wants to look in the seaway & do not require any longer pay attention to South America after all southern area Straddie. Cheers legend.

Only pans into start of the tarred carpark, next visits south end of the coastline, doesn’t show the northern corner near the stones/headland where many browse.

And, I just panned it out and grabbed a trial, to exhibit the attitude (gotta eradicate that bug on the houses!).

The final chance zoomed in is really what you want, the remaining inside the place is when gallows is advisable generally. The initial shot try heading to heart in the seashore. I only started surfing there for 28 age 🙂

The ‘last shot zoomed in’ is exactly what another graphics (above) is actually – see graphics below – ‘existing structure’ is exactly what’s presently on the site as all of our north zoom.

Saw Sean Doherty got an article on CW lately which was simply a stub with a web link fully article on surfline

We practically zoomed it showing the views. There include three blokes in the center of the frame today, and no-one to the left.

haha, o.k. you’ve got me personally, no not too far in (maybe boogers on a big time lol) but seriously from the spot where the boxes join. Possibly due to the position and you also cant start to see the rocks looks further over southwards. All good.

It could be old development for some, but for the record: Surfline accounced a few weeks ago that they are shutting all the way down Coastalwatch at the time of March 1st.

They attending need to pay when it comes down to digital camera installs and maintenance now? Bit rich for Aus taxpayers to subsidise a foreign owned providers. Oh. hold on. that is what we create today is not it.

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